The Music Department, which was opened in 2014, was established to provide Turkish and Western music education in the field during 4 years undergraduate education through specialist teaching staff.The music department opened in our university will give undergraduate education under the name of Music Mainart Branch.The music department program is conducted all over the world, in Conservatories and Faculties of Fine Arts. In our university, Neşet Ertaş will be performing in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Education and training are planned to start in 2016-2017.

The aim of the courses is to specialize in the field with the courses that students will choose in the context of individual instruments in the courses which are in the program. Turkish Music and Western Music Academic Chamber Orchestra, consisting of academic staff, is planned to include student orchestras, Polyphonic Choir and Turkish Music Communities. Our department has a strong academic staff consisting of specialist teaching staff. Once students have graduated from the department, they can become artists, music teacher researchers, critics, art consultants or music directors.They can also work as orchestras in orchestras and choruses, as academic staff in educational institutions related to fine arts.